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A Little Downtime with Our Roofing Family

This was our 2019 company trip to Discovery Cove. Most of us were there, but a few didn’t make it.
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20-Year-Old Thomas Roof

This is a roof that our company owner personally installed 20 years ago. Working on this roof again was very nostalgic.
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Transition Repair from a Shingled to an Aluminum Panel Roof

Leaks commonly happen at the joining/transition between the shingled roof and the panel or pan roof. For this project, we fixed it by removing the entire slope and cleaning and spray priming the aluminum for adhesion to our modified Peel & Seal. Next, we ran the 36”-wide modified Peel & Seal under the existing wall flashing and onto the plywood deck (about 8”), leaving about 28” onto the aluminum deck. This remedy should last until a new roof is installed on the entire home again.
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Squirrel Guards

One of the main reasons a roof fails is due to squirrels causing damage to the lead boots that cover your plumbing vent pipes. There are a few imitations and all of them are cheaper in cost and quality.
Thomas Roofing of Central Florida Inc uses rigid, top-of-the-line pipe flashing covers. While other companies spend $7 to $20 for a project, we spend $50 to $60 to ensure that squirrels will not damage your roof. This is an upgrade and not included in every roof, but we try to sell them as much as possible.
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