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Chateaux Green, Owens Corning, Duration Series

We applied the upgrades and used the best materials to complete this roofing project in Ocala, FL. It was difficult to capture the true color of the shingles. In our opinion, the close-up is the best and closest representation.
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Re-Roof in The Villages, FL

This roof got our upgraded roofing package, which comes standard with squirrel guards and Owens Corning brand materials. The shingles are in a desert tan color.
This particular home was singled out because of the front architecture. Although the detailed work on the front is time-consuming, it makes this home and roof very attractive. We start all of our tear-offs by removing the roofing down to the deck. Then we install a top-quality Owens Corning roofing system.
All of the materials, as pictured above, come from Owens Corning and are made right here in Central Florida. The aluminum roof on the back was shingled for cosmetic purposes to match the home. This section was glued down with liquid nails.
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Sand Dune, Owens Corning, Duration Series

This beautiful roof was completed with all the upgrades and should last 18-22 years without maintenance.
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Extreme Flashing, Antique Silver

We installed flashing from end to end on this little gem. It has a total of 190 custom flashing/coping to shield the property from the elements. The entire unit has a 4” parameter parapet wall.
We decided to make it all a one-piece system. The dead area at the bottom, above the entrance, was particularly concerning. To address this, we decided on an open, one-piece custom cricket. The finished job is amazing. Like all of our roofs, this one should last 18-22 years with zero maintenance.
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Extreme Repair, Very Involved

Our competitor replaced this roof seven years ago. The architecture was terrible, and the materials were inferior, resulting in an unsafe roof. The repair consisted of approximately 1,000 sq. ft. of shingles, two dead valleys, six sheets of plywood, and various other components. We completely removed the skylight and made the valley continuous. Using only the best material, we transformed this chaos into a work of art.
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Aluminum Roof Seam Repair

Before we fixed this aluminum roof, it had a little of everything (e.g., damaged stucco, holes in the connecting transition wall, separated seams, and partially stuck tape from the homeowner). The trick to the repair project is preparation. We cleaned the work area thoroughly, primed the sections that would be taped, applied the tape, and quadruple-checked every inch to make sure it was rolled properly.
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Wall And Flash Repair

This roof had a long-term leak that started rotting the plywood. Out of frustration, the homeowner spread roofing cement over the entire area. We removed the damaged wood and fixed it properly. We could not remove the tar that the homeowner got everywhere. If you have leaks in your roof, please call a roofer immediately and never spread roofing tar everywhere.
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2019 Fall Roster, Post Breakfast, Safety Meeting

This was a friendly family get-together disguised as a safety meeting. Most of these guys have been here for years, and they are good, tax-paying, hard-working young men.
From Left to Right: Rob (Yat), Aric (Pinocchio), Gino, David (Fry), Tanner (Nephew), Davide (÷), Brandon (Babyboy), Jimmy (Peepaw), Thomas (Roofdaddy), Billy (Schmitty), Brad (Mr. Lay), Jonathan (Bravo), Chris (Krill), Frank (Fng)
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